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With the Cameroon eVisa Service, travelers can conveniently apply for their visas online, saving time and eliminating the need for traditional paper-based applications.

How we work!

Step by Step Process.

For Cameroon eVisa applicants, we provide a user-friendly online platform. We guide you through the application form, verify your documents, and notify you promptly upon approval. Our dedicated support ensures a hassle-free experience.

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Online Application and Payment

For ease, we have made available two methods of submitting documents, you may choose from either:

Method 1

Send all information and required documents via email to

Required documents include; Passport copy, Flight reservation, invitation letter (1500 fiscal stamp and legalised at any Police Station in Cameroon. Tourists are exempt from this document), Hôtel reservation (for tourists or official mission), Yellow fever vaccination card, any proof of purpose of visit (business letter or mission order where applicable), Certificate of Residency or ID card, proof of sufficient means of subsistence or bank statement.

NB: for the case of a minors extra documents are required: Parental authorization from both parents, Minor’s Birth Certificate, ID or Passport copy of both parents

Other relevant information to submit via email: Country of birth, City of birth, Nationality of origin, City of residence, Country of residence,         Address, Profession, Relationship with your invited host, Have you ever been to Cameroon? If yes which year

Payment:  Make secure online payment for your evisa (visa fee + processing fee) using our trusted payment gateway. Multiple payment options are available for convenience. Once we acknowledge receipt of your documents and upon verification, we will get to you with payment details. 

Method 2

Application Form: Complete the online visa application form, providing accurate and detailed information as required. This includes personal details, purpose of visit, visa type (short or long stay), visa process (normal or express) and supporting documents (see list below).

Document Upload: Upload all necessary supporting documents securely through our online portal. Our system ensures that documents are submitted in the correct format and size for efficient processing. This is done by filling in the Form below

Payment: Make secure online payment for your evisa (visa fee + processing fee) using our trusted payment gateway. Multiple payment options are available for convenience. After filling the form, we will get to you with payment details. 

Click HERE to fill the Application Form

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Visa Processing and Approval

  1. Verification and Processing: Upon submission, we verify the accuracy and completeness of your application and supporting documents in order to ensure that all requirements are met according to Cameroon immigration regulations.
  2. Processing Time: Benefit from a streamlined processing timeline, with most eVisa applications processed within a specified timeframe. Our system provides updates on the status via email or whatsapp.
  3. Outcome Notification: Once your eVisa application has been duly processed by the competent consular services, you will receive an email from us. The final outcome could be either of the following: visa approved (with a QR code); visa rejected (for reasons best known to the consular officials); on Hold (for you to provide more supporting documents or information).
  4. Download eVisa Approval: If the visa is approved, you will get an email with the QR Code document attached which you can either download or print. This document permits you travel to Cameroon and at any of the airports (Douala or Yaounde) a visa sticker will be stock in your passport.

Additional Details:

  • Customer Support: Our dedicated customer support team is available to assist with any questions or concerns you may have during the application process. We provide prompt responses and guidance to ensure a smooth experience.
  • Accessibility: The Cameroon eVisa Service is accessible 24/7, allowing you to apply for your visa anytime and from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Security: Rest assured that your personal information and documents are protected through secure encryption protocols. We prioritize the confidentiality and security of your data.
  • Travel Preparation: Once you have obtained your approved eVisa, you can proceed with your travel plans and if you are a tourist, we are ready to assist in securing accommodations and other relevant arrangements.

It should be noted that the issuing of visas is the sole decision and discretion of the Consular Officials.

Click HERE to fill the Application Form

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