Fully funded CSC Scholarship 2024 by China Scholarship Council at 260 Chinese Universities

Fully funded CSC Scholarship 2024 by China Scholarship Council at 260 Chinese Universities

One of the biggest international Scholarships of 2024 is now open for applications in over 260+ verified Chinese Universities which are participating with China Scholarship Council to award CSC Scholarships 2024 to international students directly, or via embassy channel.

Chinese government scholarship 2024 is announced on November 15, 2023, for all subject fields, degree levels, short courses, exchange programs, and even language programs and the last date to apply for this CSC scholarship is March 30, 2024, for the classes starting in September 2024.

Who can apply for China Government CSC Scholarship 2024?

China government CSC scholarship is available for all academic fields such as undergrad or postgrad degree programs, exchange programs, short courses, or language programs.

The CSC Scholarship offered by the Chinese Government for 2024 includes complimentary accommodation, tuition-free education, basic health insurance for students, funding for research expenses, and a monthly stipend of up to 3500 Yuan and the following chart will help you understand the benefits, duration, and age limit requirement of each of those programs offered under the umbrella of CSC scholarship at 260+ Chinese universities in 2024.

Fully funded CSC Scholarship 2024 by China Scholarship Council at 260 Chinese Universities
Fully funded CSC Scholarship 2024 by China Scholarship Council at 260 Chinese Universities
China Government CSC Scholarship 2024 Subjects Scope, Stipend Information, and Age Limit
Degree/Courses LevelsDurationStipend/monAge Limit
BS degree4 YearsCNY 250018-25
MS degree3 YeasCNY 300022-35
PhD degree4 YearsCNY 350025-40
Exchange programs1-2 SemestersCNY 200018-35
Short coursesMin 2 WeeksCNY 150018-45
Language programsMin 6 monthsCNY 150018-60

Common Application Routes for Chinese CSC Scholarship 2024?

The China Scholarship Council (CSC) has announced the application procedures for its 2024-2025 scholarship program, offering three distinct routes for prospective international students who wish to study for free in China as explained below:

1# Embassy Route (CSC Scholarship Type A): China Scholarship Council partnered with higher education governing bodies of most countries to accept CSC scholarship applications via their embassies in most countries. Students will see advertisements in local newspapers, or social media of their country about CSC scholarship 2024. If someone will apply for CSC scholarship via embassy route then Type A needs to be selected in CSC scholarship application form online.

2# University Route: CSC Scholarship Type B:

Type B of the CSC scholarship is the most easy and convenient one because international students can directly submit applications for CSC scholarships at participating Chinese Universities in 2024. This method directly allows international students to apply for admission on China Government Scholarship in over 260 Chinese universities Interested candidates should choose the Type B option on their CSC scholarship application form to utilize the CSC scholarship quota offered by these Chinese universities.

3# Alternate Channels: CSC Scholarship Type C:

The CSC also allocates specific quotas for international universities and international Chinese language institutions through exchange programs. Applicants using these channels should opt for the Type C route on their 2024 CSC scholarship application form.

Simple Steps to Apply for CSC Scholarships in 3 Chinese Universities

International students are given this choice to select 3 Chinese Universities out of 260 Universities to submit applications for CSC scholarship. All these three applications of China government scholarship must be submitted separatly as explained below:

1# Fill Out China Scholarship Council CSC Type B form first: 

  • Visit the China Scholarship Council (CSC) and complete the CSC Scholarship online application form.
  • Choose up to three Chinese universities that you prefer and add their agency numbers.
  • Select the ‘Type B’ scholarship route on the CSC application form.
  • Fill out the form, submit it, and download a copy for your records and head towards the admission application submission phase as explained below.

2# Apply for Admission to all 3 Chinese Universities separately:

  • Visit international student office (ISO) websites of preferred Chinese universities
  • Navigate to their CSC scholarship page and check application deadline
  • Start the online admission application process on each university’s website.
  • Attach the downloaded copy of your CSC application form as explained in #1.
  • Include all required documents: academic records, 2 original letters of recommendation, Study plan, motivation letter, physical examination report, research proposal, and foreigner physical exam form.
  • Wait for the final results announcement

Remember, while the CSC Scholarship application is done through the CSC’s portal, each Chinese university has its own application system for accepting admission applications. It’s important to carefully follow the requirements for both to ensure your applications are complete and correctly submitted.

What will happen if applicant get selected by multiple Universities for Chinese Scholarships?

International students can apply for CSC scholarships to any of 3 participating Chinese universities but upon selection by multiple universities, candidate has to opt for any one of those. Then that Chinese university after approval from education ministry of China will send documents of admission letter and study visa invitation.

List of documents required to submit an application for China Government CSC Scholarship 2024:

Here’s a table outlining the documents generally required for applying to the China Scholarship Council (CSC) for Bachelor’s (BS), Master’s (MS), and Doctoral (PhD) programs. Please note that specific requirements may vary slightly depending on the university and the program.

Documents for CSC Scholarship Application Submission
DocumentBachelor’s (BS)Master’s (MS)Doctoral (PhD)
CSC Scholarship Form
University Admission form
Valid Passport
Academic Transcripts
Personal Statement
Study Plan
Research Proposal
Recommendation Letters✓ (usually 2)✓ (usually 2-3)
Physical Examination Record
Language Proficiency Proof✓ (if required)✓ (if required)✓ (if required)
Portfolio/Work Samples✕ (unless required)✕ (unless required)✕ (unless required)
Acceptance LetterOptionalOptional

List of Subjects offered on CSC Scholarships 2024

Here’s a table categorizing the subjects and research areas offered under the Chinese Government CSC Scholarships:

List of Subjects for CSC Scholarship Admissions
Subjects CategoriesSubjects/Research Areas
A Category Subjects: Humanities & Social SciencesEconomics, Management, Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Business Administration, International Business, Law, Education, English Language and Literature, Chinese Language and Literature, History, Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology
B Category Subjects: Science, Engineering & AgricultureMathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Materials Science, Environmental Science, Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries
C:Category Subjects Fine Arts & MedicineFine Arts, Music, Dance, Drama, Film and Television, Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing, Public Health

This table provides a clear overview of the diverse range of subjects and specializations available under the CSC Scholarship program, spanning from humanities and social sciences to science, engineering, agriculture, fine arts, and medicine.

List of Universities Partnering With China Scholarship Council to Offer CSC Scholarships 2024-2025

Following are top 100 Chinese Universities that parterned with China Scholarship council to offer multiple CSC Scholarships to international students in 2024:

  1. Peking University
  2. Tsinghua University
  3. Fudan University
  4. Shanghai Jiao Tong University
  5. Zhejiang University
  6. University of Science and Technology of China
  7. Nanjing University
  8. Beijing Normal University
  9. Wuhan University
  10. Sun Yat-sen University
  11. Harbin Institute of Technology
  12. Xi’an Jiaotong University
  13. Tongji University
  14. Huazhong University of Science and Technology
  15. Sichuan University
  16. Renmin University of China
  17. East China Normal University
  18. Nankai University
  19. Shandong University
  20. Xiamen University
  21. Beihang University (formerly Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics)
  22. Southeast University
  23. University of Chinese Academy of Sciences
  24. Jilin University
  25. Dalian University of Technology
  26. Lanzhou University
  27. Beijing Institute of Technology
  28. Tianjin University
  29. China Agricultural University
  30. Southwest Jiaotong University
  31. Beijing Foreign Studies University
  32. South China University of Technology
  33. Central South University
  34. Chongqing University
  35. Ocean University of China
  36. Northwest A&F University
  37. Beijing University of Chemical Technology
  38. Northeastern University
  39. China University of Geosciences (Wuhan)
  40. Beijing University of Technology
  41. Zhengzhou University
  42. Hunan University
  43. Northwest University
  44. Guangxi University
  45. Fujian Normal University
  46. Hefei University of Technology
  47. Yunnan University
  48. Capital Medical University
  49. Shenzhen University
  50. Qingdao University
  51. East China University of Science and Technology
  52. Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics
  53. Nanjing University of Science and Technology
  54. Beijing Jiaotong University
  55. Northeast Normal University
  56. Harbin Engineering University
  57. Southwest University
  58. Southwestern University of Finance and Economics
  59. Shanghai University
  60. Nanjing Normal University
  61. Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications
  62. University of International Business and Economics
  63. Wuhan University of Technology
  64. Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology
  65. Kunming University of Science and Technology
  66. Tongji University
  67. Nanjing Medical University
  68. Central China Normal University
  69. Xidian University
  70. Shanghai International Studies University
  71. Jiangnan University
  72. Soochow University
  73. Wuhan University of Science and Technology
  74. Beijing Sport University
  75. China University of Political Science and Law
  76. University of Science and Technology Beijing
  77. Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture
  78. Dalian Maritime University
  79. Donghua University
  80. Shanghai Maritime University
  81. South China Normal University
  82. China University of Mining and Technology
  83. Tianjin Medical University
  84. Nanjing Agricultural University
  85. Beijing Language and Culture University
  86. Northeast Forestry University
  87. Anhui University
  88. Ningbo University
  89. Beijing University of Chinese Medicine
  90. Guangzhou University
  91. Henan University
  92. Jiangsu University
  93. Shanxi University
  94. Hangzhou Normal University
  95. Northwest Normal University
  96. Guangdong University of Foreign Studies
  97. Xi’an International Studies University
  98. China Pharmaceutical University
  99. Zhejiang Normal University
  100. Hebei University

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