The Great Global Youth Hackathon on Food Waste 2024. APPLY NOW!

Global Youth Hackathon on Food Waste 2024

The Global Youth Hackathon on Food Waste 2024 is designed to engage passionate individuals in developing innovative, community-based solutions to combat food waste. Participants will collaborate, receive mentorship and refine their proposals through several stages, culminating in actionable initiatives that can significantly reduce food waste within their communities.  

Teams and individuals interested in participating in Global Youth Hackathon on Food Waste 2024 can submit preliminary proposals in English, which will be reviewed by a diverse panel of evaluators from WFF, KidsforSDGs, and technical experts. The top 15 proposals will be selected for inclusion in the hackathon. Organisers will pair each project with a mentor from a pool of food waste experts from within and outside the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). Mentors will conduct two live online sessions with participants before the hackathon to help refine their projects and pitches.

The online Global Youth Hackathon on Food Waste 2024 hackathon will feature participants pitching their projects to hackathon judges in breakout rooms. After the hackathon, contestants will revise and resubmit their proposals, including a detailed budget. These will then be re-assessed by the same judges, who will select the top five final projects based on the improvements made.. These participants will receive further mentoring to prepare for live pitch presentations at the 2024 WFF flagship event in Rome.

At the WFF flagship event, finalists will showcase their proposals to a new panel of final judges and a live audience, competing for the chance to be one of two winning projects, with prizes ranging from USD 500 to 3500.

For more information on Global Youth Hackathon on Food Waste 2024, please reference the Technical Platform on the Measurement and Reduction of Food Loss and Waste:

For more info on the application process, please reference this document: 

Best of luck and see you at the WFF flagship event at FAO Headquarters! 

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